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Dire Straits (Duo) Tribute Show


Dire Straits - 1 Hour

Terry McMahon is a consummate guitarist and pays a wonderful tribute to the music of Mark Knofler & Dire Straits in this one hour show.

Terry is a well known contributor to the music scene across Brisbane, the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast and has played a variety of tribute shows from Abba, Rolling Stones, Status Quo, Elton John to his own fully live Australian Dire Straits Experience.

Terry is joined by Darrin Leigh on guitars, backing vocals and saxophones making this a strongly 'live' duo playing a compelling tribute to the fantastic catalogue of Dire Straits.
(show subject to date availability).

The Songs

  • Down to the Waterline

  • Sultans of Swing

  • Lady Writer

  • Romeo and Juliet

  • Your Latest Trick

  • Walk of Life

  • Money for Nothin

  • Tunnel of Love

  • So Far Away

  • Industrial Disease

  • Twisting by the Pool

  • Going Home


Video - Lady Writer, Walk of Life

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