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Darrin On Cruising . . .

The above pic was taken in the port of Tauranga during April 2024. Tauranga is my 'home town'. Beautiful Mount Maunganui is in the background. It was a real treat to return there as part of a 10 day cruise on the Majestic Princess and visit with family for the day. But would I cruise again? And would I consider 'working' on cruise ships?

To Cruise or not to Cruise

Over the years I've been entertaining in SE Queensland I've often been asked by patrons of clubs and at private engagements "would you work on the cruise ships?". It was kinda a bucket list item but now the short answer is 'no' - probably not. Here's why . . .

Generally speaking there are three classes of musical entertainment on board. I first noticed this back in in 2011 on a Pacific cruise:

  1. soloists working in bars and common 'Piazza' areas

  2. 3/4 piece 'party bands' working in the bars and common areas

  3. featured entertainers working  in the theaters

Numbers 1 and 2 don't have a lot of appeal. Mostly because I'm already doing solo/group gigs in clubs and resorts and the remuneration doesn't meet what I'm earning.  Also the number of gigs these working musicians are required to play coupled with days on/off structures are tough. Finally going after that work would create disruption to the regular calendar of work I have running on land.

3) Featured entertainers. There is an ever so slight appeal in working up a 50 minute show and pitching it to the relevant agencies / lines but in reality the type of material I'd need to focus on to possibly achieve engagement with that industry doesn't inspire me. Besides I'm already doing it - albeit in less plush surroundings.
Put briefly - I dont really have the fire in the belly for it. Being on a stage has always been about the music for me. Growing my skills as a musician and exploring Jazz and Blues has more appeal for where I'm at at this stage of my career. Or a Funk / RnB Band. Or a great Tribute Show... Dire Straits, Pink Floyd, David Bowie, Supertramp anyone?

Would I cruise again as a 'holiday'?

Hmmmm. Not sure. I'm weighing up the fun / food / relax time against the 'dark side' of cruising i.e. the environmental impacts . . . more on that here.

Cruise on ...

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